March 4, 2019

Structuring a NodeJS CLI Tool

I just thought that I’d share what I did on an internal CLI tool that allows others to NOT modify any existing files in the NodeJS CLI Tool project. The Problem We thought of creating a tool that would streamline our development workflow by automating some tidious, manual, and repetitive tasks. The first order of the game is to list down the possible “commands” that this CLI tool would handle, and what those commands would do. Read more

February 7, 2019

Co-working at the Loft

After trying out ASPACE, we searched for a co-working space outside of Makati for a change. Our current scrum master decided to checkout Loft, and man was it way better than the previous co-working space we went to. Like what I did before, let’s drill it down from what’s good to what’s bad. The Good Fast Internet. Unlike ASpace, Loft had decent internet speed. The average internet speed is around the border of 40Mbps, which is 8 times faster than ASpace’s internet speed! Read more

December 26, 2018

Aspace Manila - After Three Months

Working remotely could get boring at times, and if you have colleagues working around the same area as you, you might opt to meetup face to face just to have a real human to talk to in person. For college kids back when I was still part of that age group, the usual goto place would be coffee shops. But now, we got co-working spaces littered everywhere that usually have unlimited coffee! Read more

December 19, 2018

Kahitsaan Random Restaurants

So I made a tool and I thought of blogging about it. Background I recently left SplitmediaLabs, and now I’m working remotely as a Senior Software Developer/Engineer for a consultancy (aside: contract says that I’m a Senior Software Engineer, but my company ID states that I’m a Senior Software “Developer”. Minor stuff, it’s just that I hate inconsistencies). Although I’m working remotely, I usually meetup with the team at a co-working space once a week… And during those meetups, we always have a dilemma of picking a place to eat within the vicinity of the co-working space. Read more

September 18, 2018

Image Resizing in CLI

For the past few weeks, I was looking for a new compiled language that I can make use of for my tools as I grew tired of Go language’s verbosity. I tried learning Rust, but as I expected, it was more suited for system projects, and found out how much pain it could be for smaller tools due to how strict the compiler is. With that, I eyed for both Nim and Crystal language, with the latter prevailing as my language of choice for my personal tools. Read more

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