September 11, 2017

Migrated to Hugo

I’ve been using Ghost for quite sometime already, and my only opensource project in github that was starred by non-collegues is a Ghost theme that I made for my blog. But times has changed, which some of you who are avid readers of my blog might have noticed, my financial situation requires me to be a little more stringent… which also meant that I had to downgrade my VPS.

Ghost did well as a blogging platform, but the reasources it consumed, particularly RAM, was just too much. I decided a few months back to create my own blogging platform with a decent markdown editor just like ghost, but it didn’t pan out well due to my day job.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I figured out that using a static site generator should be enough for my blogging needs, so I settled down with Hugo. I also initially thought of porting Stupendous to Hugo, but then I stumbled across Elixir which was far more interesting than making a port of my own theme. So I ended up using a theme named “ Future Imperfect ” and had this impostor syndrome creeping back up due to the fact that this theme is way better than my own design :(.

Anyways, I’ll resume blogging about my personal life, parts that I feel and think is safe to share to the internet. Aside from that, I might throw some rants or two, or maybe something new that I learned along the way.

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